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Marketing & Stationery

The Direct Approach

To create both a presence & an impression for your business, call the idea people at Sprint Printing. One of our great qualities is our ability to bring your concepts alive in print. We create a look for your company that meets your standards and definitely gets the attention of your target market.

Leaflets / Fliers

First impressions are important, & our full colour, one colour or spot colour flyers will help your company make the best impression on your customers.

From DL (standard envelope size) to A4, if your application requires folding, we offer a complete bindery service.
Folded brochures are perfect for self-mailing promotions, envelope stuffer, bulletins, newsletters and much more.

 Digital Printing Melbourne
 Digital Printing Melbourne

Promotional Postcards

Postcards are a great way to announce new products, monthly specials, parties and open houses, new real estate listings and much more. Postcards can increase your response to your sales message. Printed on heavier card stock with an eye catching cover.

Brochures and Multi Page Brochures

From one page to multi page brochures, introduce your product or services to others. A well planned brochure can leave a lasting impression of your company and effectively relay your message.
A brochure of your company should include service & or goods you provide & give some basic information about what you do.


When it’s time to inform your associates or customers of something, then it’s time for a newsletter.
Colours, illustrations and charts can make your newsletter jump off the page.
We can provide ideas for layout, design and content. Your newsletter should address subjects that you and your readers have an interest in, & present them in a captive manner.

Presentation Folders

Presentation folders collect all your marketing materials together, in one comprehensive sales kit.
Examples of items that you could include in a presentation folder might be a quotation, business information articles, press releases, advertisments and other promotional items, giving your prospect a complete presentation on your company.

 Digital Printing Melbourne
 Digital Printing Melbourne


Catalogues are ideal for promoting a large product line, or for providing in-depth information about your company and its products and services.
Most catalogues contain illustrations or photos of your product. If you produce or sell a number of items, a catalogue is the ideal way to get your message in front of existing and potential customers.


Swing tags & Tickets
We can design and produce swing tags, raffle tickets, entry forms, tickets and ad books.
Sprint Printings finishing department can staple, number & die cut your swing tags and tickets. Finixhing is the final step in making sure your piece has the same impact on the final user as the design and printing.

It is often your Business stationery that delivers that first impression.

No one needs to tell you how competitve business is today. How customers view your company may very well be the most significant reason they choose to do business with you rather than with someone else. Therefore, First impressions & all subsequent impressions are extremely important. Business Stationery - including business letterheads, business cards and envelopes has become a major aspect of corporate image branding. The way you design your corporate identity pieces, including logo, is the way your customers will remember you for a long, long time.

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most essential business accessories.
Card stock whether it’s ,mat, textured or gloss together with colour, print quality and design creates your companies shield.
Sprint printing offers the option of printing on both sides, and laminated for that finished result.

 Digital Printing Melbourne
 Digital Printing Melbourne


Letterheads represent an organisations corporate identity. Graphic design, choice of paper stock, quality of printing - it all counts.
Once a customer has an impression formed about your company, it will stick.


When designing your stationery, don't forget to include the envelopes. Typically, envelopes and stationery come as a matched pair.
Envelopes come in many sizes, Sprint Printing can assist you with what best suits your needs.

With Compliments

With compliments are a great way to say thank you.
With all your stationery materials being consistent in design, this maintains a sense of unity & professionalism in your marketing materials.